Tatty Devine 2018 Sample Sale

I went to the Tatty Devine sample sale a couple of weekends ago and boy did it not disappoint. There were tables filled with so many of the signature, quirky jewellery that the brand is known for. I had to limit my purchases so I only got three necklaces, but I'm am so happy with them. I've wanted the luna and the parakeet necklace for a while so I'm happy I found them. The parakeet necklace isn't the one i originally wanted, I wanted the bigger and multicoloured version, however, the way I see it, I can always get one of those at a later date, and it'll still be different enough from this one. I really wanted their limited edition party parakeet necklace that they had for Christmas 2016, but by the time I saw the instagram advert for it, it had sold out! So I'll keep my eyes peeled for another special design. I am so happy I got the blah blah blah blah necklace! It's so me and something I always say, or think, and I've already worn it so much. So all in all, this was a good day trip! 

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