Travel Outfit

Firstly, please excuse my face, this was post Bangkok hospital incident. Secondly, this isn't what I wore to get to Asia, but it's what I wore when I was travelling within the region, by bus or plane, maybe I switched the shorts and carried a jumper in my carry on bag. The top was my everything. It's a mesh top, so it's perfect for when I was probably sweating extra from carrying my ridiculous amount of bags, or waiting out in the sun for a delayed ferry. 

Underneath the Nike top, I wore a cosy CK bralette, which was also very needed, because sleeping while travelling is a must for me, and being comfortable when travelling in a hot region is much easier without an underwired bra. A head band is also useful for those extra sweaty days. The bum bag was a necessity for my valuables. Sometimes my carry on bag would be overhead or not right by me. I've heard way too many passport theft stories from busses in Southeast Asia to let my passport not be with me at all times. 

I didn't get a photo of it because this was literally a selfie in the toilet on a plane, but I'm wearing canvas shoes because these were the biggest shoes I took with me, everything else was flip flops and sandals, and they were my walking shoes, so for logical reasons, I wore them when I had to travel. 

Nike Top - Nike
Bralette (barely seen)- Calvin Klein
Denim Shorts - One Teaspoon
Bum Bag - New Look
Headband - Anthropologie
Canvas Shoes - Superga

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