Holiday Haul

HI! So I'm home! Being in Southeast Asia was hands down the best experience I have had the privilege to experience. Coming back to the cold was, well, cold. Of course, being me, there was no way I could go away for a couple of months and not buy a few things, so here's all my goodies and where they're from!   

These cosy jumpers are all from Vietnam. I spent some time up in the North, and while that still wasn't exactly cold (It was like UK spring/summer temperature), I couldn't resist getting these... you know I have a thing for jumpers anyways! I also bought this really cute bag from Hanoi. It was a brown side bag, but sadly it didn't make the journey home; I left it with a tailors to change the zip, and then she shut the store the day I was supposed to pick it up, which was also the day I was leaving he city. Sad face. I'm still not sure if it was a miscommunication or a scam, but I had a month of  sartorial outfits with the bag. It'll live in my memories. 

The fake Adidas outfit is from Bangkok, Thailand. The fakes are everrrywhere, it was hard to pick only one fake adidas outfit. The bottom outfit was from a market in Phu Quoc, Vietnam. Both were from night markets, so be sure to check them out.    

Of course I needed a top for the Full Moon Party, so I got that one from Koh Pha Ngan, where the Full Moon Party is held. The bicycle top next to it is from Siem Reap, Cambodia. It was $1. It's super soft Cambodian cotton. The kimono and fake Gucci jumper/dress were from a night market in Krabi, Thailand.    

The gorgeous wrap skirt at the top is from the night market in Krabi. The fruity shirt is from the night market in Phu Quoc, but they are literally everywhere. The striped trousers were from a night market in Phnom Phen, Cambodia and the tie-dye dress is from a shop in Krabi that was near my hostel. 

I got these all from my first couple of weeks in Bangkok. The denim Disney Jacket is one my favourite purchases, and I ended up using it throughout the holiday. It has a massive Mickey Mouse patch on the bag. I also love the sequin top, it was such a good find. They're both from the weekend market, Chatuchak, in Bangkok. The Muay Thai shorts were a necessity for me, because I wanted to train in new shorts. I got them from MBK shopping centre.

This is also one of my favourite purchases. It's a hand painted jewellery box, which I got from Hanoi, Vietnam. 

I also got this red bikini from the markets in Ko Phi Phi, Thailand and this pineapple swimsuit, from the night market on Khao San Road in Bangkok. 


Other than that, I got some little things along the way, like bracelets and postcards, but that's pretty much my holiday haul!  

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