My bad bad luck

Let me explain the unlucky nature of my life. I've had a pretty turbulent year, no need for details, just know that it's sucked. So, I decided to do something I've been wanting to do for literally a decade - Travel to Southeast Asia, solo. (Yes a decade, I’m older than I look... or I started dreaming early, you decide!)

Asia is my dream land, I've never done solo travel, but I'm generally okay with my own company, and I love to meet new people, so it did not seem like a scary idea for me. . After the year I have had, I felt like I just needed to get away, to get some space, challenge myself to somewhere new and doing new things, was an exciting adventure for me.   

I've spent a fair amount of planning a rough plan of what to do while keeping my options open, and day by day I grew more and more excited. I landed in Bangkok 1 week ago on Wednesday evening. It was amazing. I could not explain the feeling in my stomach when I finally landed. 

Now, here's the bad luck part. I managed to spend one day touring the shopping center and then going to a skybar in the evening with new friends before waking up to a severe allergy reaction the next day and having to be admitted to hospital.

WHY ?! It's my fifth day here, I'm such a restless person, this is really so uncomfortable for me to be doing nothing here, nothing to help without anything (it was a pretty bad episode). It took me a while to adjust to being bed bound. But that's my luck! I came here to explore the lands I've never seen and all I've seen is the four walls and balcony window I'mh not allowed to go on. Swell.

Anyways. That's a pretty pessimistic rant, do not worry, I'm feeling a lot more positive now, I'm feeling a lot better and I know I will be able to carry on my trip. It could have been a worse one, but it's a strange situation for someone who has never been hospitalized or ever had a reaction. Just before anyone else freaks out the reaction was something from the UK, not Thailand. An NHS doctor did not do her job and screwed me over. I love the NHS, but i am not impressed. The reaction is going down but it's still all over my body, SO, here's a summer turned winter ootd look I was obsessed with before I left London. I actually bought this dress with me but do not think I can wear t for a while. There is no way I am gonna be in any photos for the next week or so!

Dress - Topshop
Mesh Top - Oh My Love
Cardigan - Urban Outfitters
Wedge Boots - New Look
Hat -  Asos

The scarf was a gift, and for the life of me, I can not remember where the necklace is from, but I love it.

Also, blogger hasn’t updated its app, so this irritating  to try and edit on my phone. This post is probably gonna look all over the palace. Again, swell. 

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