It's Gone

So... I cut my hair... probably well over 12 inches, but it is gone. 

A lot of people have been asking me why I cut it, I think really, it's a combination of things. I've never had short hair as an adult for one thing. The last time I had hair this length I was around 12 or 13. Having short hair is also healthier, obviously; I was getting a lot of split ends from all the damage my hair has received over the years. So for the curiosity of having short hair and practical benefits, I guess those are a couple of reasons for why I cut it off. However, cutting my hair was also a psychological decision, something I felt like I needed to do. 

I have always loved long hair. I have always wanted long hair. I wanted to be Ariel swishing her hair, Pocahontas running through the wind with her hair soaring behind, Rapunzel using her hair as a clever tool - which believe me, I did... On nights out, when I wanted boys to stop trying to pull me or make a move, I’d tie my hair in a whip-like plait, continue to dance and just watch them be afraid of being hit by my hair. It was amazing. The perfect weapon to ward off guys. I greatly miss this...

Back to my point. I wanted to have the mermaid princess hair, and I got it. I “achieved” that long, mermaid, wavy hair that I dreamed of having my whole life. It made me feel womanly and pretty. But honestly, this obsession with long hair is not something I want to encourage or something that I wanted to have. I don’t think it’s healthy to be that attached to anything. Long hair is a an ideal of feminine beauty, one which has been shoved onto women by society, and I am not one to go along with societal pressures. The value placed on hair is ridiculous, case and point: 

I loved having long hair, being able to flick it around and all that, and getting up was definately easy, bed hair is waaaaay less of an issue with long hair, but I certainly think it’s mentally healthy for me to tell myself my beauty is more than my hair. It’s given me a new level of confidence. I’ve always used my hair as a blanket to hide behind, and I think many women do that, so it’s interesting to force myself to not be able to do that. 

I am loving not having millions of hair knots but my favourite perks of short hair is definately not hair getting in my food anymore…

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