No one wants to be defeated

Okay, so this is a real "Treat Yo'Self" moment. I've always wanted a red leather jacket. It's just been one of those cool splurge items I've always dreamed about. But being a student and relying on my parents money and student finance (god, I miss you) for most of my life, I never had enough money to justify buying one. Additionally, I never found the perfect jacket. My black leather jacket, which I love and live in, is a biker jacket. Most of red leather jackets I found were biker jackets, so on top of not wanting to spend a lot for a statement jacket, I didn't want to buy another leather jacket that was in a similar style to the one I already own but just a different colour. But then, I saw this

This 80's style red leather jacket in Topshop, which is where I work at the moment. It was perfect. But oh so pricey! When I first saw it, I thought, I'll just try it on, see how it is. And it was magnificent. But it was still expensive and I need to save my dollaz. I really wasn't going to get it, but then they put it on a mannequin, so I had to look at it everyday. I still told myself, I wasn't going to get it. And then I tried it on again in and basically catwalked for some of my colleagues. I was now on the fence. I spent the rest of my shift literally unable to think about anything but this jacket.

So, I was considering it. I did try hard to logically weigh up the "For" and "Against" argument for buying it, and inevitably, the "For" case won. It's something I've wanted for so many years, and I found a version of it that was alternative to all the other leather jackets I've seen, and it's 80s, which is my favourite era, AND I have staff discount. I tried hard to restrain myself from it but I genuinely could not stop thinking about the jacket so it's not an impulse buy. 

And of course, I came home and immediately threw on this outfit, for lols, but to be honest, I think I would actually wear it outside of the house too... #MJlove <3 

Red Leather Jacket - Topshop
Beat it Piano T-shirt - A gift 
Wide Leg trousers - Topshop
Loafers - Park Lane 

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