Seriously. Just look at the glitter. Isn't it wonderful?!
It's officially Christmas season! One of my favourite parts about Christmas is how fabulous everything looks, with decorations and lights everywhere, and all the glittery party dresses on sale. It's just shimmeriness everywhere. 
In preparation for all the parties, I have bagged myself this glitter set from The Gypsy Shrine. I believe the one I have is called the mermaid gift set, but I love the colours. I love glitter so I already have some, but when I saw these, they just looked like such special mixes of colours, I had to get them. I even managed to get some put on at Topshop Oxford Circus, which is where I bought it from. The Gypsy Shrine have a stand in the Topshop (basement floor) every Thursday-Saturday throughout December, so if you want to get some glitter done or buy some, I'd highly recommend these ones. Have a look at their website for some inspiration and tutorials!

I'm looking to buy this one next: 

Happy Glittering! 
Yes, I did just spend the rest of the day taking selfies - I had glitter
 on my face and no where to go to after work!

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