My latest shopping trip

I have a confession to make:
I shopped. Big time.

This is a everything I've bought in the last week and a half ... I don't have the balls to share everything I've bought in the last month, so be satisfied with this extensive list and my crazy spending impulses!


Peg leg stripe trousers from Asos.
A tartan skirt from Monki - you know I love plaid!
An oversized sheer mesh boxy T-shirt from Bones.

Belts! The first two are from Mango, and the rest are Asos
Leather loafers From Park Lane
It's hard to tell from the photo but these are glitter socks! Perfect for December 
This odd zip detailed bag. I thought it'd be a pretty useful day-to-day bag. 
Jumpers! Because it's winter, and everyone needs a navy jumper. How could I say no to the mustard one too? 

I love lace bras, so I got these cute ones in teal and baby blue, which are bra colours I don't have, and this gorgeous embroidered bra, featured on their instagram.
My first Ivy Park purchases, Beyonce did well.
I love velvet, and Topshop have a great range of velvet products at the moment and lots of colours. It took me AGES to decide on just these two, there's a super gorgeous grey/blue skirt that I wanted as well, it looked like a beautiful storm.

I love lace, and I love velvet. Makes the first pair of shorts a no brainer. The second just looks so hot on.

Okay, this is a lot of trousers, and they look really similar, but they are different, I swear! The first is a black pleated pair, very light, and the second ones are decorated with a metallic circle print, which I think would work pretty well for festive December wear. The pink and blue one in the middle are velvet, and the navy pair on the end has more flare and a split on the side of each leg. 
More trousers; a black velvet peg leg pair, and a tapered patterned pair.
A leather bag, a sequin bag and a leather studded bag with a tassel. The sequin bag is actually a make up bag, but I think it'd look pretty cool with a dressed-up outfit for a night out or a dinner. 

Ruffle bodysuit, velvet jumpsuit (yes more velvet) and a grey mesh dress. I do love the dress, but I kind of wish it didn't have ruffles on it. Still looks cool though, especially under a jumper.

Socks! Totally gonna wear the Star Wars socks when I watch the movie. The Patty and Selma Simpsons badge is hilarious, no idea when I'm gonna wear it. 

You know I have a decision making problem, I couldn't decide between these two necklaces. I think they look different though. 
Another Mickey pajama set, love sleeping in this!
Beyond Retro:
One can never have too many Christmas jumpers! 
Or checked shirts! 

Or jumpsuits... I can't wait to wear all of these! 
Stan Smiths, of course. 
I've always been a Nike fan, but I'm trying to be less biased, and I do like Adidas's prints. Love the leopard bomber jacket, can't wait to wear this. I've just realised I haven't shared my bomber jacket collection. I went a little bomber crazy in September and bought like five in one week!   
Calvin Klein:
My first CK purchase.
I've always liked TFNC, but I am really loving their stuff at the moment.
I bought my new favourite skirt there a few weeks ago, but there's quite
a few more things that I want from them.
I had a massive dilemma in the store deciding between this gold jacquard skirt and this one.
I went for the gold mini skirt, because I felt it was more wearable for me, and easier to dress
up or down than the full circle skirt. But boy, is it pretty. 

So there. This is my list of crazy new items, excluding last months Urban Outfitters spree... I partially made this blog post to show how much of an insane shopaholic I am, but also partially because it's all a bit of a blur and I'm not really sure what I own at the moment... yeah... I know it's not normal. I don't care #iloveshopping

Ps. I just bought two pairs of jeans from Levi's and one from Topshop ... #SORRYNOTSORRY

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