Christmas Sparkle

Hope everyone had a lovely day and delicious food! I ended up being the Christmas day chef in my household - my siblings were both away and my very Asian parents don't really cook roasts, so the task fell on to me. I think I handled it well. Definitely made enough food, and I took home some leftovers so I have a few lunches sorted for the week. Considering that I was the chef, I picked this outfit as fit for cooking, nothing too fancy, no sleeves to get in the way, an easy-to-move-in skirt, no super high heels, but still a bit of festivity to keep up the spirit. 

Top - Asos  
Skirt - Topshop - it's annoyingly now on sale -_-
Holly necklace - Tatty Devine
Santa earrings - A market stall
Gingerbread Men socks - Topshop - probably also on sale
Ankle boots - Geox

Click here to see the meal I made. 

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