Holiday Haul

Hi! I recently went travelling in Croatia for about four weeks, which was awesome, and whilst I failed to pack as light as I had hoped to, I managed to make enough space in my backpack to bring home a few holiday souvenirs. 

These jumpers were the first things I bought. I know, it's a strange purchase to make in hot and sunny Croatia, but it was actually a bit chilly when I bought these, and it even rained! Apparently that's normal for September in Croatia - I literally didn't think it rained over there... Anyways, I stumble across this really cool designer store, it was kind of edgy, a lot of graphic prints and minimalist designs. I did feel like I already owned a lot of jumpers, as I had a jumper obsession phase a couple of years ago, but I felt like they were a bit unique; one had an interesting mix of mesh and sleeve detail, and the other was very minimalist with a pop of colour on the pocket. I really did love both of the jumpers, and decided to splash out. 

The next thing I got was this dress, I thought it was quite cute and versatile to wear.

I got these from one of the market stalls. They're handmade, and I really like how simple they are.

These earrings and ring are from Michal Negrin, and Israeli designer. They're apparently made of Swarovski crystals. There were so many things that I wanted, a lot of gorgeous, fancy necklaces that I was close to buying, but in the end, I decided I don't have enough fancy events to go to make the purchases worth it. I ended up wearing the bronze earrings for the rest of the holiday, and the ring as well, which I still wear everyday as my new everyday accessory. I spent a really long time in this store, and I think it's because I love the vintage feel of Michal Negrin's pieces. It makes them really timeless.

I love peacocks. So when I saw this earring I was gobsmacked. They had it in a few different colours, but again, it was handmade and I thought it was designed pretty well. It's not an in-your-face peacock, but still pretty cool.

Speaking of peacocks, I actually saw quite a few on one of the islands really randomly! I really didn't expect to see any peacocks, but there were loads roaming around, and no picture that I took could ever capture their vivid beauty, but I still tried.. 

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