Is Kim Kardashian West a feminist?

Lately, I've been seeing a lot of discussions about Kim K, and how she's said she's not a feminist but really she is one. Let me begin by saying I am by no means a Kim Kardashian fan. I am in fact the exact opposite, but I can still give her credit where credit is due. Any successful or independant woman is a feminist example, just think about how much extra shit she had to take to get to where they are in, defying gendered expectations. So whilst she may not call herself a feminist, I do think she is an example of one. 

There are many who refuse to accept her as a feminist example, using the argument that she places too much emphasis on outward appearance, prioritising that over all else. Whilst I do not entirely believe this - let's not forget she's created a fucking empire and has proven to have a tactical business mind - I don't think that's anti-feminist to have some self-love. By showing she can unapologetically love herself though her millions of selfies and self-posted nudes, she's empowering women to not be afraid or timid about their sexuality and to embrace their appearance. 

Of course feminism is primarily about equality for the genders, but it's also extended to how people should look beyond women's appearances. However, I don't think shaming someone who celebrates her appearance is a good thing, or a feminist thing. Kim Kardashian is often called out for being narcissistic. She's actually hated for her confidence. God forbid a woman have some confidence. No, no, we' don't want that. Put her back in the closet until she's filled with self-loath. We need some more insecure women. 

In a world full of people with self-esteem issues, are we really bringing someone down for having celebrated self-love? 

Secondly, beauty isn't a bad thing. Whilst feminists want to be seen for more than their beauty, I don't see how shaming someone for celebrating theirs is a good thing. It's just fueling negative energy towards something that makes someone happy. Furthermore, as humans, we do value aesthetics, so beauty isn't totally irrelevant. Whatever your gender, being attractive is usually a human desire. And please, don't lie and tell me that you don't feel a confident boost when you look extra hot. The days I feel like I look pretty good and put together, I feel a tonne more put together about my day in general and way more positive about what I am capable of achieving. Appearances aren't everything, but they certainly ain't nothing. Hating Kim because she likes the way she looks is pathetic. Again, that is literally attacking her for having self confidence. 

Thirdly, she's a massive victim of sexism. She has constantly been reduced to her looks and her past sex tape (which was released without her consent, I believe). For people who say she's dim and talentless, and only famous for that tape, I think this is very anti-feminist, and also stupid; if she was as dim and talentless as you say, she really wouldn't be having such a strong and better career, a decade after that incident.  In fact, you've probably helped her succeed by bitching and hating on her, because she's used this, she's used how people view her to make herself successful. You Idiots. It's your fault. 

Additionally, I think shaming a woman for her sexuality is absolutely not okay. She did something many people do, film a saucy video (don't lie, you know you want to) and her trust got violated. She's been slut-shamed and a massive victim of abuse because of this. I don't know much about the guy in who made the tape too, but I can't imagine he got much backlash for it. To pin all of her success on this one tiny little thing is downright disrespectful. And even if it was the cause of her success, who fucking cares, she's successful, you're not going to stop her by attempting to brush her success off. 

What point am I at, fourthly? Wow, I didn't expect this to have so many points... Whilst I'm not a fan of people who constantly share photos of themselves and their bodies, I do not think there is anything wrong with it. Kim Kardashian has been targeted for sharing nude images of herself. I think this is a perfect example of hypocrisy. People love to search for private photos of celebrities and release them, but there's a double standard when a celebrity shares photos of themselves. There's also rarely any sort of backlash against male celebrities who share similar images of themselves. But whatever, there's probably a good reason for a guy to be naked. Not women, they clearly have no reason to do the exact same thing... 

Let's also not forget, Kim does promote an alternative female body figure to the super slim coveted models we are so used to seeing. She's at the front of our generation finally appreciating other body shapes. That's a major deal. I know there were a few curvy celebrities before she was famous, but it's not the same as this, Kim Kardashian has forced people to appreciate bodies outside of "perfect body" on a whole new level. However, this is undermined by her occasional photoshopped images, which sends out the opposite message. Bad self-body appreciation. But I didn't think she did this often. I may be wrong. Regardless of whether she does edit some of her photos, she's still an example of a curvy woman who is considered beautiful next to the current perception of a "perfect body".

Despite all the hate she gets, she doesn't give a shit about any of it and she's fuelled it all into her own success. Which is a brilliant message to send out to not only girls, but all people. Credit where credit is due. 

As for Kim's essay on why she's decided not to label herself as a feminist, well it is her choice, so I think people certainly need to stop hating her for it. But she's made a public statement so I am certainly going to make a public opinion.  

I feel like it's the cool thing to do these days, say you don't like labels. It's a bit of a cop-out to me. And I think it's bullshit. Labels are sometimes needed. Labels make change. If the Suffragettes hadn't labelled their movement, women would never have gained the right to vote. Her outlook on labels being something that separates people isn't entirely incorrect, but in this case it's not really a negative thing in my opinion. If a feminist is separated from and anti-feminist, that's definately for a good reason. And even so, people are already divided by their beliefs, I don't think it's just the label that's dividing them. 

She's said she didn't want to be defined by her beliefs, which I think is bullshit again. If you believe in something, it means it's important to you, and it would therefore in some way be tied to your identity, so it does define you. 

Of course, Kim does not need to call herself a feminist, as so many articles and internet posts are begging her to do so. I think she should certainly educate herself on what that word means and reconsider the label, as she clearly has the extreme bra-burning stereotype stuck in her dictionary. I don't think she's planning to be an activist of any sort, or push for change, so again, she doesn't need to call herself something, that she's clearly not passionate about. And she doesn't have to be passionate about it. Just because she's a woman doesn't mean she has to be a feminist and fight for its cause. I personally think women should be feminists, because let's face it, it's asking, nay, demanding for a better life for yourself. But women do not have to do anything, that's also kind of the point of feminism; to have choice and the ability to not have to behave in a certain way because of your gender. 

So maybe she's right and we should all just leave her alone, it's her damn choice. 

*I cannot believe I have written a whole blog post about a woman I don't even like - but perhaps it's because I don't like her that I found it interesting to defend her. 

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