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A couple of months ago, I got very excited when it was announced that Emilia Wickstead was going to be at LFW. Born in New Zealand and a British-based designer, Wickstead is another CSM graduate. She graduated in 2007 with a BA in Fashion Design and Marketing with Honours. She then went on to work at a number of fashion labels in New York and in Milan, and returned to London in 2008 to create her own label.  

What I like about her style is that her pieces seem very couture, and look very well made, with perfectly clean finishing. I feel like she uses colour and prints to create something that looks quite timeless. The silhouettes she chooses to work looks like they'd be flattering for most people, and they also add to the classic and everlasting feel. 

It’s all very soft, but not overly girly; in a highly elegant way that makes her designs looks so beautiful. I feel classy just looking at her pieces! Here are a few pieces from her collection through the years. 


A simple and elegant collection, lot of different colours, cohesive shapes and a stylish use of prints. The collections utilises lots of pastels and brights, a few dark pieces.   

I LOVE this collection. Wickstead was inspired by Parisian prints and has used them for these very soft and floaty designs, which effectively produce the makings for an elegant and high-class woman. Very ladylike, but with some sexy sass; I love me some sass. It's the perfect summer high society look. I love that it's "feminine", but not overly girly, and is still sexy, but also romantic.  

AW 12/13
This collection was all about "modern English Tradition". You can see the inspiration from rich English society, as well as the 18th Century inspiration from the necklines and balloon shapes.  I absolutely love the dark and demure style. Again, it's very formal and sophisticated. You can definately picture the woman Wickstead is designing for by now.  

Again, I love this collection. I love the use of prints, makes it perfect for summer. Wickstead showcases completely elegant and effortlessly polished looks this season, a lot of tailored pieces which produce very chic end product, but it's still youthful and summery because of her colours and prints. 


Another perfectly polished collection, with perfectly tailored and structured pieces, as well as some soft and loose swing dresses. The best thing: plaid, plaid and lot's of plaid! (I love plaid)  

Another collection I love. It's the perfect holiday woman's look; pretty pale pastels and a few sweet summer brights - yellow, blue and red. Stripes were in this season, so here we have a few selective striped looks with some gorgeous silk. Wickstead nailed her target audience.  

This autumn, we get a darker, femme fatale vibe from Wickstead. These are some very strong looks here, working with leather and lace. I love the prints she's working with, creating demure, baroque-esq looks. It's very different, but still tailored and structured, so it's still overall, elegant and chic, but for a much more forward and seductive woman that her previous collections. 

Whilst there are quite a few pieces that I like, it's not my favourite collection of hers. I think what Wickstead does best is graceful high society chic, and it's this aspect of her designs that attracted to me to her in the first place. But I appreciate her trying out some tougher looks, it's always great surprise when a designer dips out of what's expected of them.


This season, we get back some summer youthfulness, and a nod to the 80s. I love the shapes in this collection and the citrus colours work brilliantly. The white outfits also provide a sense of freshness for me. 

Oh my god, I absolutely adore this collection, I think it's one of my favourites. I love the mix of it being tailored but whilst also using a lot of fabric. It makes for a very confident woman. The pastel colours give a very vintage look. She uses a lot of shapes and prints in this collection, and I love them all. 

Okay, this one's a favourite too. It is sophisticated AF. With colours, prints and pastels, Wickstead is speaking to me this summer. Again, she's playing with stripes, and using them with flattering shapes and embellishment. I love the colours in the prints she's used, particularly the floral ones. They show a perfect example of how clashing prints can work.

More stripes in this collection and I love it. I love the rich colours and prints in this season's collection. It makes a very formal look. I love the floaty pieces, with an abundant amount of fabric. Wickstead manages to keep her elegant and sophisticated aesthetic again.     
These coloured fabrics and stripes harks back to the candied coloured stripes from the summer collection of the year for me, which brings her years collections together very nicely.  

Do you see what I mean about how effortlessly elegant her pieces are? You and literally wear any of them, and look like the most put-together, effortlessly chic woman around. I am looking forward to seeing what she makes for her SS17 collection this September. 

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