House of Hackney

House of Hackney is a British luxury interiors, fashion and lifestyle brand that reworks traditional prints and designs. I was first exposed to the brand when I noticed some super cool pillows at a friends house, and she told me she made the pillows after getting the fabric from a House of Hackney sample sale. Neat right? 
House of Hackney Founders Frieda Gormley and Javvy M. Royle
The East London brand was founded by husband-and-wife, Frieda Gormley and Javvy M. Royle in 2011. They both had a passion for interiors and shared a background in fashion and product design. Together, they created what they had been looking for, a brand that good inspiration from traditional British prints, and focused on print, colour and texture.

I love that their prints have something traditional about them, which of course was the intention, but they also have a modern touch. I’m also a sucker for minimalist prints. There are loads of traditional prints that are clearly superbly crafted, but something about them is a bit too heavy, or a bit too much for my liking. I find that House of Hackney get the right balance of capturing the essence of the traditional style, but making it look more chic and clean, not overdone. 

Summer Kitchen
Quality was a key priority for the pair, as well as a “Made in England” ethos, so Frieda and Javvy travelled around the UK, to source the best manufacturers and specialists they could find. 
William Morris, a British textile designer, (and poet, novelist, activist, who I adore as well) was a massive inspiration to the Frieda and Javvy. I plan to write a post on William Morris at some point, as he truly has some awe-inspiring designs, and a fantastic museum in London worth visiting. Along with Morris’s prints, his egalitarian attitude in making products and designs that were available to all was inspiring for HoH. They wanted their products to reflect the quality and craft that went into producing them, and they wanted it to be valued for the beautiful well made products they were. 

Here are some of the prints and designs I love from the brand: 
I love the subtle colours in this Artemis print. It looks so beautiful and elegant. The shapes of the flowers also add a touch of delicacy. 
Delicate flower meets gothic. I absolutely love this ivory poppy print on a dark background. It's such a quintessentially elegant print. 
Dalston Rose 
Antique is the first word that springs to mind when I look at this print. I love the ombre effect on the wallpaper, it's subtle, but definately a modern touch. And I love navy. Any shade of blue is great.
Art Deco Menagerie
I love these art deco prints of the animal world. I love the colour variation in this collection. the simple animal motifs, patterned or coloured background make them look modern and chic. 
I absolutely adore the colour palette of this print. Teal and jade, what a golden combination. I'm usually not a fan of leafy prints, they often look too jungle-like for my taste, and sometimes a bit juvenile, but this botanical fern print is simple and sophisticated.
Peacock and Dragon
I love peacocks. I love dragons. It's a win-win situation over here. This collection was inspired by Islamic art, something which heavily inspired William Morris as well. I think it looks very luxurious and opulent, probably because of the rich colour palette and ornate design, which looks quite baroque to me.
I think this may be one of my ultimate favourite HoH prints. The inspiration from William Morris is clear here. I love the intricate details, it makes the print so beautiful and graceful. 

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