Stop Distracting Male Staff and Students

This headline infuriates me.

How is it a young girl's responsibility for a boy, or man’s behaviour? Do men have no self restraint?! The statement paints the image that men are uncontrollable animals that cannot control their sexual desires. On top of this, it ALLOWS that behaviour to be accepted. It tells women that they need to consider how they dress for the sake of men. It is the same as saying a girl who is wearing a short skirt is asking to be raped. Because her dressing that way is asking for attention. It's distracting...

There would never be a similar statement about boys distracting girls in this way. Never. For two reasons,;
  1. A man's legs is not considered sexy. Even his nipples but make that a woman's body part and it's a whole new scenario. This is necause society has sexualised the women’s bodies and this needs to stop 
  2. A man would never be told to alter his appearance or clothes for the sake of a woman.  It is women who need to make concessions for the "superior" gender. 
I’m not saying short skirts in school should be allowed, because of course, in a place of work or education, a dress code is completely justified. Saying that someone is inappropriately dressed is fine and fair, but saying it is inappropriate because it's distracting to men is ABSURD.  

I hate the world. 

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