Favourite Looks of 2015

With 2016 ahead of us, I thought it befitting for me to share my favourite looks of the past year. 

My ultimate favourite outfit was Rihanna's Guo Pei gown.

Rihanna wore this to the Met Gala, which I wrote about here The Met Gala 2015. The Met Gala is a celebration of art and fashion, and I just fell in love with the over-the-top DRAMA in this outfit, it's so amazing. The designer of the dress, Guo Pei, is a Chinese designer, and she's created lots of amazing outfits for celebrities in the past, but honestly, this dress is what made me personally recognise and remember her. A lot of her pieces have a lot of drama going on, but with a high level of elegance, and that's so beautiful to me, art that looks cool and gorgeous, not just cool and crazy, which I do also love. The dress took two years to make, and also left a glowing impression on Rihanna, who said "I can't really walk in it without any help, but it's so worth it."  

My next favourite outfit was worn by one of my queens, Emma Stone.
This Lanvin jumpsuit is absolutely perfect. I love that it has a simple silhouette and that it's also a bit glamourous, but not over the top. I think I also have a thing for trains... They look so cool! The choice of wearing slim fitted trousers also adds a sophisticated elegance to the look, which is only enhanced by her simple, yet perfect make-up. Outfits like this make me want to be a porcelain ginger. 

There are lots of looks I loved, like Rosamund Pikes Givenchy dress at the Oscars, or any of Kendall Jenner's looks in Balmain, but those two outfits are the ones that made the biggest impressions on me.

The trend I disliked the most was the naked trend.
I don't know why, but I just HATE these dresses. A few of the ones in black lace or white didn't bothered me though, maybe it's the full 100% sheer dress with stones...? I really don't like it. It just doesn't look like fashion to me, and I think it's very easy to look tacky.

These are the few that I liked:

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  1. omg, I love rihanna's dress! such a pretty colour