My Tatty Devine Collection So Far

White Tiger necklace, Lemon Citrus necklace, Orange Citrus necklace, Classic Tiger necklace 

The first ever Tatty Devine jewellery piece I got was the classic Tiger necklace for Christmas right before I turned 18. I got two more Tatty Devine jewellery pieces a week later for my 18th birthday, the Mirrored Teardrop ring and a personalised name necklace. They were all given to me as gifts from my sister, and I really do love them all. What was an even greater gift was actually being introduced to one of my jewellery favourite brands ever. I always love what they create, the pieces always stand out, and when I see someone wearing something of theirs, it's so recognisable and distinctly a Tatty Devine piece. I also love that you can get a lot of the necklaces in different sizes, so you could get it small and be casual with it, or get it large and make it a statement piece. 

Over the past four years, I've gradually been building up my collection, here is everything from Tatty Devine that I currently own.     

Aarrghhhh necklace, Sarah necklace (personlised), Unagi necklace (personalised), crown necklace (personlaised at a workshop)

personalised Speech Bubble necklace, Kite necklace, Shoreditch necklace, personalised Speech Bubble necklace

Mirrored Teardrop ring, Four of a Kind earrings 

So that's everything I have, but there's still a lot more I want. If only it'd rain with money once in while... 

Here are a few pieces I've got my eye on 

Okay, that's more than a few... I really like the shop okay! 

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  1. Wow, this such a cool brand. I have never heard of it before but I will look for it now :)