Slutty vs Scary Debate

We are halfway into October, and the presence of Halloween is looming in the air. So many things to consider for this holiday, but the one I always think of first is "What will I be this year?" After bouncing ideas about costumes with some friends at university, it becomes very clear to me that there is a divide between those that want to look hot on Halloween, and those that want to celebrate the holiday in all its horrifying glory.

I am on the scary side of the debate. Come on! All Hallows' Eve is all about confronting death. Death is scary. As humans we have 364 other days to look hot, can you seriously not let that go for one night to enjoy yourselfs and commit to a theme?

I'm not sure when it became popular to ditch the traditional traditions (ha ha) and dress in skimpy outfits, or not even that, to dress as a mouse... like, why?!


I read something about it recently, it was a psychology analysis that basically acknowledged that women (and girls) get called a "slut" when they dress sexy in skin tight or revealing clothing. What this does is separate them into the "good girls" and "bad girls" categories. Halloween for the "good girls" is a time when they can be dressed in a sexualised outfit, and switch groups for a night.  I don't think this is untrue at all, but I think the problem here is that girls in general are pressurised to dress sexy. There is a pressure to be in one of those categories, which is ridiculous, because the definition of a "good girl" or a "bad girl" is set by patriarchy here. But by dressing up in a slutty outfit, and giving yourself to the patriarch's expectation of you, you're losing your ability to truly enjoy yourself. In a scary outfit, you can't look bad or ugly, because that's the point of your outfit! 

Anyways, I'm not trying to be a hater and I hope this doesn't sound like a rant, it's just my point of view. You are all free to dress as whatever you wish on Halloween, I just don't understand why more people can't take advantage of having fun in a scary costume. You can have so many fancy dress parties to look amazing or hot in, Halloween is when you can mess around and make yourself look horrifying.


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