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Okay, so this is a little daunting. I've spent ages trying to figure out how to do this, whether to jump in and post something on the topics I want to blog about or whether to talk about myself, which I don't entirely want to do, as I have an "About" page. But then if I jump straight into "blogging content", it will probably not make logical sense. Frustration. I guess blogging is harder than they make it seem. (To clarify,  I don't know who "they" are, it just seemed like it sounded good...)

Alright, I'm just going to start again, ramble less and say a bit about myself and about this blog.

My name is Sarah, if you haven't figured it out yet. I'm currently a university student and am hoping to one day find my place within the fashion world after I graduate next summer. I don't have a lot of friends who share the same interests fashion-wise, so I suppose I've created this space to talk about the things that I love and share them with someone in the world, or multiple someones.

You may be thinking "erm, Sarah, there are like a billion style blogs out there, why do you need to add to that?", which is fair enough, because there are tonnes. But everyone's style is individual. and unique to them. Style is reflection of you are. This is one of the reasons why I love fashion, because it helps me communicate a part of my personality or mood.

So, what is my style? Well, that question is just as good as "what is my personality?" I can't really ever answer that with one definitive answer. For one thing, your personality evolves as you grow, and like that, so does your style. And for me, I feel like I have a different personality from day to day, based on my mood, so similarly, I don't always stick to the same style. Especially being a 21 year old, my style seems to have changed from last year so much. I can however say what I think my general style is, what I tend to dress in (shorts. I love shorts. Even in winter. Give me all the shorts).

I'm a 90s child, and I have been repeatedly told that I'm a total 90s dresser. Which I don't dispute. No, I don't crimp my hair or wear mood rings and chokers. No. Just no. Leather jackets and high waisted shorts or crop tops and Doc Martens. These are what (I think) I like to wear. But I'm not just a 90s grunge/rock dresser, I love me some skirts and dresses. I also tend to walk everywhere and be on the go, so despite having a million heels, I usually wear comfortable shoes, like a pair of nike trainers, but again, this changes. When I was around 17 I had a phase of wearing heels as my "comfortable shoes".

I do often try and mix up something girly with something boyish, to give it an edge. I have over the past year or so been fairly monochromatic with my looks, but not always. A pop of colour is never a bad thing. I think that's all I can say right now, but in time, hopefully you'll all get a sense of my style.

Feel free to have a look at my ootds from my old blog here.

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